American Pop Animation Cels

A selection of animation cels from Ralph Bakshi’s American Pop.

Columbia Pictures (1981)


Zalmie Belinsky Bakshi American Pop Animation Cels Online

Zalmie Belinsky

No Background
IMAGE 8.5″ X 5″
CEL 12″X 10″

Young Zalmie Belinsky Bakshi American Pop Animation Cels Online

Young Zalmie Belinsky & 2 Men

No Background
IMAGE 5.5″ X 3″
CEL 14″X 10.5″

American Pop is a 1981 American adult animated musical drama film starring Ron Thompson and produced and directed by Ralph Bakshi. It was the fourth animated feature film to be presented in Dolby sound

This animated trek across the musical landscape of the 20th century begins with young immigrant Zalmie (Jeffrey Lippa) arriving in New York City. He’s addicted to show business, but an accident ruins his voice. He marries a stripper (Lisa Jane Persky) and their son, Benny (Richard Singer), becomes a jazz pianist.

Although Benny is killed in World War II, his son, Tony (Ron Thompson), goes on to great success as a songwriter during the ’60s, as does Tony’s son, Pete (also Thompson), in the ’80s.

-Rotten Tomatoes